7 Money Saving Tips for exploring NYC

Hopefully you’ve had the chance to read about my magical time in New York. Don’t worry if not, you can check it out later here and here. But while I did have a spectacular time and there are some things I’d happily sell my soul to do again, there are also things I would change. Here are my top tips and some of the best money saving hacks I took advantage of in New York City:

  1. Bring a Bottle – there’s no need to buy ridiculously overpriced water. New York City possibly has the most amount of water fountains I have ever seen. They are everywhere and surprisingly the majority of them still gave ice nice cold water even though it was scorching hot!


    Another bonus – use your water bottles as a prop!

  2. cardHomeConsider buying the New York pass or similar – the New York pass was great for me, it offered entry in to all my must-see attractions, helped me save heaps of time AND money – in total I saved around $80! These passes aren’t for everyone however, so make sure you do your research and you have enough time to fit everything in, as it’s possible you could end up spending more buying one if you don’t make the most of it. Also keep an eye out for discount codes online before purchasing your pass!
  3. Skip the Empire State Building – yes the Empire State Building is the highest open-air view point in New York, but that doesn’t mean if offers the most spectacular views – and if you’ve seen my pictures you know how damn hard it is to get a selfie up there! Instead save that time and money to see something else, which brings me on to my next point…


    The awesome view of Empire State Building from the Rockefeller 

  4. See a show on Broadway – I am absolutely gutted that I couldn’t see a Broadway show while in NYC, it just didn’t fit in with my budget or time frame. If you do have a tourist pass, some of these offer discounts on tickets so definitely check this out before buying. If you’re keen for a show, but something a little different the New York Pass offers free entry to The Ride, and it looks amazing! But be sure to wake up early for those tickets, as they only have a number of tickets available for those with the pass!


    The Ride – available with the New York Pass

  5. Walk, walk, walk – definitely ride the subway once or twice while you’re in New York for the experience, but once you have it out your system be prepared to walk. A LOT. You’ll see so much more of the vibrant city this way, and end up in places you didn’t even consider visiting. Most of the time, you’ll find walking will get you to your destination much quicker anyway!


    Don’t worry, it’s not this busy everywhere!

  6. Street Performers – if you’re in need of a break, have a sit down and watch one of the many street performers around the city. The majority we watched were phenomenal and definitely worthy of being on stage! Just be aware that they aren’t shy on asking you for money, and if you’re dragged up on stage make sure someone else has your wallet! manhattan-1674404_1920
  7. Sleep in a Hostel – there are so many hostels to choose from in New York, you are bound to find one to suit you. This will save you so much money, and give you the opportunity to make your own food or snacks for the day keeping you from being lured in to one of the many foodie tourist traps around Times Square. Not only that, but any decent hostel these days offer activities, whether that be free walking tours, a free drink in a bar or discounts to top attractions it’s sure to save you some pennies (or cents) and the added bonus, you’ll meet a whole bunch of awesome people too!
    HI NYC

    HI NYC – My favourite hostel in New York City


I picked up these money-saving tips from only a few days in NYC, so leave me a comment and let me know of your money-saving tips, or general hints and tips that I’ve missed.

Thanks for reading,

Gnome x

2 thoughts on “7 Money Saving Tips for exploring NYC

    • Naomi H says:

      Thanks Liz! That must have been a pretty cool experience, I loved it to visit and would definitely go again, but not sure I could cope living there! And thank you so much for the nomination! What a great way to start the week! Looking forward to writing that post 🙂

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