New York, New York – Day 2

After a rather hectic but frabjous first day in New York, I was excited to keep exploring! Here’s what I got up to on Day 2:

Madame Tussauds

I have always wanted to visit one of the many Madame Tussauds around the world, however I’ve always favoured other activities to spend my money on, so when finding out this was included in the New York Pass I was over the moon! I’ve heard a range of reviews, and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting to love it just as much as I did!


I laughed the whole way round, got to meet all my favourite celebrities, and even performed with the Spice Girls! What I was really hoping for was for an actual celebrity to be there to jump out on me, but considering it was a Tuesday morning, and the place wasn’t exactly packed it was quite unlikely!


Laura has so much sass, it’s hard to tell who’s who.

If nothing else, this experience made getting the New York Pass so worth it to me. Without buying the pass I wouldn’t have felt the need to go here, and I’m so glad I did as I will always have great memories of this place!

Times Square

Times Square is just around the corner from Madame Tussauds making it our next convenient stop. Everything you think you know about Times Square, from what you’ve seen in the movies or pictures just cannot do it justice! Think bigger and better! Bright lights, flashing billboards; the technology is amazing! It’s such a vibrant place with hoards of people. Whether that be filled with tourists in awe of their surroundings, or a New Yorker meandering through on their usual stroll to work, it’s true – the city never sleeps.

I popped into some of the shops around, and they all seem to put on a full production – very interactive! I particularly enjoyed M&M World! But, I do have a weak spot for candy!


Central Park

What a better way to enjoy central park than to cycle all the way around it! You can choose from a 2 hour guided tour, or a 3 hour bike rental with the New York pass. We opted for the 3 hour rental so we could do it all at our own pace – probably not the best idea!

After picking up our bikes, and walking them to the entrance (because we were too scared to jump straight on them) we all realised that none of us really knew how to ride a bike! After attempting to cycle for about half an hour, we came across a café and realised a well deserved lunch was in order. I enjoyed a burger and chips (pretty standard for me) and demolished it like I hadn’t seen food in weeks! We spent the next half an hour lying around on the grass trying not to feel so full. We didn’t want to get a stitch jumping back on the bikes straight away!

Central Park NY

All the bikes had a cute little basket – very useful for the unprepared handbag holders like us.

Feeling slightly less full, it was time to carry on. We checked the map to see how far we had come, and well let’s just say we weren’t even a quarter of the way in! We considered skipping the top half, and then realised the whole main lap was a one way circuit so this genius idea wasn’t possible! With now only an hour or so to return the bikes we were racing against the clock! And guess what – the next part was all up hill!

Breathless, we reached the top and had to take a break. More of a pit stop really, as like I said we were racing against the clock at this point. We could just spare enough time for a quick few photos and we were on our way again.

To our relief, the next part was all downhill and it was exhilarating! By this point, we’d all found our confidence on the bikes, and the memory is clear in my mind. All of us, riding full speed down the hill, legs as far out from the pedals as possible, screaming and giggling away just enjoying the beautiful breeze! I was so happy to be in New York. What a moment to take you back to your childhood and just enjoy life!

Bar 54 – NYC’s Highest Roof Top Bar

High on life, it was time to celebrate with a cocktail. No ordinary bar would do, we had just cycled the whole of central park so needed to treat ourselves well. NYC’s highest rooftop bar should do it!

Fortunately for us, at this time of day Bar 54 didn’t have a dress code, and we were allowed to head inside with our cycle gear still on (by that I mean trainers, nothing else I wore was cycling appropriate). I’m not great with heights, and I remember feeling a little on edge as the ‘elevator’ slowly dragged itself 54 floors. In reality, it was probably very quick and smooth, but please don’t call it a lift while you’re there, they didn’t appreciate that.

Most expensive cocktail NY Tallest Roof Top Bar NYC

We all ordered a delicious cocktail each, and yes it was possibly definitely the most expensive cocktail I have ever tasted! But it was so worth it, the views were incredible! I just wish I wasn’t so tired, and had made the effort to get a better picture – ah well, there’s a reason to go back I suppose!

Rockefeller Center


My time in New York was coming to an end, but there was still time to squeeze in the Top of the Rock tour at the Rockefeller Center. Although this is included in the New York Pass, you do need to prebook your times, and these can fill up pretty quickly so make sure you head down their early.

We had hoped to go here for Sunset, but as we didn’t realise quite how quickly the time slots fill up, we just opted for another late evening view of the city. And to be honest, it was the perfect way to end my time in New York.

Rockefeller NY


Thanks for reading! Has anyone else made the same mistake as us trying to cycle round Central Park while full on food? Would love to hear about your time in New York!

Gnome x

3 thoughts on “New York, New York – Day 2

  1. hereandaware says:

    Yay go Rockefeller totally my favourite part of NYC! Great post I didn’t even make it around the whole of central park because I didn’t have a bike or time lol you guys did so well x


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