Goodbye, New York

Day 3:

My time in New York City had come to an end. I was sad to be leaving knowing there was still so much to be explored, but that feeling, the rush of excitement I experienced as I gallivanted around the city left me eagerly anticipating the next stop in my Southern States adventure.


Heading to Port Authority gave me a final chance to tick another item off my New York bucket list – riding in a yellow taxi! As it turns out, flagging them down by a cheeky whistle isn’t the most effective way to hail a cab; a polite yet strong wave will do just fine!

Arriving at Port Authority was somewhat disappointing, definitely not the kind of bus terminal we were expecting considering the size and location of it. It’s fair to say it was a little run down. We did however navigate our way to our bus terminal (which FYI they call a gate, too similar to an airport for my liking) without any problems and were ready to jump on board the greyhound to our next stop – Washington DC!

Greyhound Bus NY

Goodbye New York, Hello Washington!

As you can see by the old fashioned seats, the Greyhound bus wasn’t anything flash, but it sure was a bargain. The 4 hour bus journey cost us a mere $18.50 leaving us spare money for the much needed road-trip snacks. Armed and ready, we were on route to Washington DC.


Has anyone else had the pleasure of a Greyhound bus? Met any wonderful characters on the road? I’d love to hear about your adventure!

Thanks for reading,

Gnome x




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